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Best Web Hosting Reseller Hosting Expert Review

Tsohost do not seen to realise that we are a business trying to operate without any of our own or customers websites now for almost THREE DAYS without an end in sight. I did leave a 1 Star Feedback, but I have chosen to change it into two stars purely on the fact that Alex ( part of their support has been brilliant from day one ). We are currently transferring all our websites over to another provider; still, suggest everyone else does the same before you get to more and more customers consequently making it harder to transfer. Recently moved my website to TSO from the awful Fast Hosts, had a few initial problems but now all sorted. Their customer service in incredibly good. Would highly recommend. tso host code Tsohost have excelled with after care service. Time and again they have helped out when I have gotten into difficulties. Most companies will only deal with problems that concern their product, but tsohost go above and beyond, sorting out issues caused by third parties.

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TsoHost.com UK SSL Expert Review

The sites load very fast, the support is always very helpful and the control panel is very easy to use. I have been with tons of hosts over the years both in the UK and abroad and nobody has come close to these guys. I cant see myself needing another UK host again, I just wish they had services in other countries so I could use them in Australia and the USA and benefit fro the same support and service. I cannot rate TSO highly enough. The support I have received at every touchpoint has been exceptional. They listen to what you are saying and respond in a language that is right for you (I needed low level, clear and simple!). Every single person has been excellent but a special shout out goes to Athanus. If ever I build a website again I will definitely use TSO and I would recommend them to all of my clients. This may seem slightly OTT, it isn’t, I am currently dealing with Dropbox ‘support’ and the disparity is stark! https://facebook.com/tsohostcouponcodes/ Tsohost are a first class web-hosting company providing services at a very competitive price. Their support system is excellent and includes acheter viagra a technical chatline, email support and telephone support right through to midnight. If you have a problem that their first tier of technicians cannot solve, they pass it on to more knowledgeable and experienced staff who will keep offering assistance until the issue is sorted out. Their cloud-hosting options have an excellent online user interface for handling settings and configuration, and if it seems a bit difficult to begin with, the support staff are only too willing to guide you along until you are comfortable.