Misra Group | CSR Initiatives
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THE CSR activity is carried out by the group on its own in association with, certain district administrative heads.


The model used is centered around peripheral development within the district level. The project identification mechanism is adopted. All projects are planned in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community, literally sitting with them, and gauging their basic needs. We take recourse to “participatory rural appraisal”’ which is a mapping process. Subsequently based on a consensus and in discussion with the district heads, village panchayats, we prioritize requirements. Once a project is identified, implementation is the responsibility of the community and our team, as is the monitoring of milestones and the other aspects. Monitoring entails physical verification of the progress and the actual output of the project.


The group has promoted an ITI College named GORUMAHISANI ITI, an unit of Ghanashyam Misra Tribal Welfare Trust for the welfare of the society. Free education is imparted to the children of workers at the mines and employment opportunities are provided within the group companies or outside.


We are sponsoring 8 schools and colleges within the region for expense on extra curricular activities annually. An approval is given to all such events after evaluation with school administration with a criteria that the same was not a part of the curriculum, the events include inter school tournaments and sponsoring sports equipment, sponsoring debate and quiz competitions etc. Such activities have a significant impact on the identification of a specific skill, which in certain cases can be a career option.


Sponsoring select farmers with technological advanced farming techniques by employing a certain agency. The objective is to identify below poverty line farmers with small land holdings and make consortiums by giving them superior farm techniques and equipment for them to increase productivity and rise above the poverty line. The same has actually helped about 150 farmers with small holdings to have a output to rise above the poverty line.


Providing medical facilities at hospital, equipment to blood banks and upgradation of all medical facilities at Rairangpur Hospital to develop health and sanitation for the village. We also organize a compulsory health check-up every 6 months and ambulance services introduced at Gorumahisani hospital for all our employees.


Repairing of roads, land renovation, construction of protection wall, concrete pitching etc. in the radius of 30 kilometers form our location.


Maintenance of religious place and institution in nearby villages.


Installing Water Pumps at different locations of the village for proper supply of water to the village, cleaning and beautification of local ponds, drinking water vessels, cleaning of water reservoir, construction of overhead tanks, etc.


Maintenance of nursery with huge capacity and plantation in the locality and other degraded areas.


The CSR initiative is being monitored and measured by both internal and external teams.


Measures monitored by our internal team are through a CSR committee wich has 3 members which have been drawn to work independently snd judge weather the project sponsored has really made an impact qualitatively in the overall development of the area. The feedback is collected from the target beneficiaries of each project through qualitative and qualitative methods.


Measures also monitored by external team are through the district collector cum chairman, peripheral development Committee, Mayurbhanj. The projects identified by the district administrator are bring implemented by the company and on completion are reported to the administrative authorities